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Engadiner Pecan Torte

by | Apr 7, 2016 | Desserts, Torte

Years ago I had the luck to work with an American baker who had spent a lot of time in Austria. Mike was awfully generous with me, sharing a lot of recipes and techniques for "old world" goodies, stuff with lots of butter, lemon, nuts, chocolate, poppyseed and… I could go on, but won't. My time with Mike deserves its own book. Someday I'll have to write. 

Until that day here is a classic he shared with me. "Engadiner Walnuss Torte" has a caramel nut filling encased in a short crust dough. Sticky, nuts, sweet and so good… The one below was also influenced by a Swiss baker using walnut marzipan, and who added walnuts into the dough. I used pecans. Regardless, it turned out great. 

IMG_2109 IMG_2100


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