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by | Oct 16, 2016 | Bread

Recently I watched San Francisco Baking Institute video class with Chad Robertson. Along with telling stories, he  made one bread. I finally got the man's method! Call it slow mix…. Here's my translation.



  1. Yaya

    This is excellent bread! Which class was it that you refer to- the new one with other bakers, where he makes porridge bread? Please share any helpful tips. This bread really looks like the ones from Tartine.

  2. Yaya

    I think the class is called “Atelier du Pain’?

  3. Jonitin

    Yes Yaya, it was the Atelier du pain, but this is his country levain..

  4. Karin Anderson

    Your “translation” is pretty good – very nice!
    Baking my way through Tartine No. 3, breads à la Tartine (with or without porridge) are my to-go breads when I want a French type of bread with some whole grain, but not heavy duty rye.
    Once you get the hang of it, it works fine every time – I don’t trash all that levain, though, but feed a smaller amount (and add more to the final dough, because I like a little tangier taste).

  5. Yaya

    Thank you Jonitin. I have got to take that class then. I have all the Tartine books but my
    Bread never turns out that beautiful .


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