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Do Nothing Levain

by | Nov 19, 2016 | Bread, Fermentation

Yohan Ferrant, baker extraordinaire, recently came out with a new method for a no-knead bread. Working with nutritional scientists, he developed a method designed to a way to make bread with a low inoculation of levain. The goal is a healthier loaf. Here, Yohan explains some of that theory. He goes into the rationale include the importance of enzymes, amylase, retrograde, and entire science of baking.

Inspired, I've tried three variations of his formulas. Honestly, the first were horrid. But determined, I finally made this better version. Still, I need a few more tries to get it "spot on," even if the one looked rather healthy. 

IMG_9217 IMG_9225 IMG_9234


  1. Carol

    The bread looks fantastic. Can you tell me if you baked in a double oven or did you put the loaves straight onto a stone.
    Can’t wait to try this method.

  2. Jonitin

    Hi Carol…
    Baked these in a Le Creuset pot…though I’ve gotten fine results with my Bakingsteel too!


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