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It’s About the Starter

by | Feb 15, 2017 | Bread, Fermentation

While cleaning out my walk-in at work, I found what looked like a dormant starter. I refreshed it with water, flour and a bit of sugar. All the while, I hoped it could be revived. Overnight in a cold kitchen, what could happen? Voila, lots of action. So much for satan's spawn. This is what is key in fermentation. Feed it, refresh regularly and keep it's health as if it were your child. Mother it, and you'll get good bread. 



  1. Karen

    Wow! I’ve never thought of using sugar to refresh a starter. That is so lively! Very nice.

  2. Jonitin

    Hi Karen, yes it’s not common, but in Italian baking, it is used to perk up the levain, reducing acidity too..


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