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by | Mar 7, 2017 | Baking, Bread

Despite recently purchasing an oven with a built-in proofer, a recent bake still resulted in what's known as a "blow out."  A blowout is when the inner core temp of a dough isn't quite ready to bake. It results in an awful lot of un-even oven spring." How do you avoid? Well, my oven's proofer was supposed to help. It didn't. The more common way is to use an old fashioned cooking thermometer and then allow plenty of waiting time. Fail to do either of those things and you get what is pictured below. 


IMG_1517 IMG_1524


  1. Nick Greco

    You need to be a little more patient and would have had it . The internal temperature was a little could if you had oven spring like that.

  2. Jonitin

    Thanks Nick, I also had retarded the dough. After a regular shift at work, waiting wasn’t going to happen, patience and strange climatic conditions too can make baking crazy! Tasted good though?!


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