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Masa Madre – Guayaquil Ecuador Bakery Cafe

by | Sep 18, 2017 | Bakeries, Bakers

After visiting family in California, it's time to visit family in Guayaquil, Ecuador. My focus on the first morning after arrival was a visit to Masa Madre, a local bakery that bakes sour dough bread. The baker/owner, Jaime Beundia, is a young entrepreneur. He's  a pastry chef, and budding bread baker.

Masa Madre is in a high-end Guayaquil neighborhood (the "alta nievel") called Samborondón. Jaime and I chatted in his kitchen, where he served me eggs Benedict on one of his fantastic croissants. Recently, he has been aiming his baking at creating a California style bread and cafe styled theme. We discussed baking techniques and strategies, our conversation roaming from hydration to flour choices. 

If you visit Guayaquil, visit Masa Madre and say hello to Jaime. He's a terrific baker with a great cafe. Below are some photos from my visit. 

IMG_3735 IMG_3736


IMG_3735 IMG_3744
IMG_3744 IMG_3962


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