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Austrian Strudel

by | Nov 1, 2017 | Baking, Desserts

Back when I was a US Army private serving in Germany, I'd meet up with my dad. At the time, he was making his life as a painter in this country where he, too, came initially as an American soldier. Periodically we would take day-trips to Austria, often visiting Bregenz for a slice of apple strudel. Served with a dollop of schlagsahne (aka whipped cream), it made for delicious visits, not to mention a respite from Army food. Then a few years later, I spent a summer working at New York's Museum of Modern Art alongside a Viennese pastry chef. All to say, I have a long history with this delicate comfort dessert. It is something I love to make; from the routine of stretching the delicate dough, to filling and rolling it out into a final frame. Here is to strudeling! Here's to Austrian studel. 


IMG_5075 IMG_5079


  1. yariv

    Hi there,,,
    I would like to jump into that strudel………
    any link to a recipe you could recommend?
    thank you
    Yariv Bloomberg


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