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Ancient Grain Miche from Modernist Bread Book

by | Feb 21, 2018 | Bread, Modernist Bread

Between a full schedule last week, I still managed to try (as well as peruse) the formulas of the recent Modernist Bread book series. Below are shots of a two kilo Miche made from one of those formulas. They look okay, no? Yes?  No? Well, honestly, I didn't follow the book completely. In fact, can I share something that makes me red with shame? Not only do I use a baking app (Bread Storm), but sometimes I forget to use it wisely. Put simply, I didn't check the calculations from my last bake, which were set for total flour rather than the yield. Also, I adapted the book's recipes with some ancient grains (Maiorca, Pane Nero)from Sicily. I did stick the book in maintaining a set formula of 60-percent wheat. But lacking time, I bulk fermented a batch, shaped it, then popped it in the fridge for a night, then did the final bake. Still, they look okay. No? I already asked that. Honestly, the bread was good and the book is even better. 



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