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Pre-ferments (Pasta di riporto)

by | Dec 6, 2018 | Bread

Pasta-riporto is an Italian baking method of using a small piece of dough from the previous day's bread dough to create new starter for the next batch. I'm not sure if it's still considered a sourdough. Any answers from readers? Anyway, I was lucky to find more explanation from Italian maestro Piergiorgio Giorilli. It requires longer bulk fermentation but with my hectic schedule, this has made baking bread easier from start to finish. 



  1. Tia Ingle

    I literally just posted about pate fermentee :))) https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/8121882/posts/2091555456
    you are quite right in considering it’s not really sourdough because the former contains salt and the latter doesn’t and you cannot keep feeding it into perpetuity like a sourdough starter. It only has a window of two days roughly after which you move on to your latest piece of old dough to kick off again.

  2. Jonitin

    I agree, yet I’ve seen levain that use salt as a control… That also said, I used old pizza dough that I fed in proportion to the Giorilli method…and though bulk refreshment took about 12-16 hours…it was quite convenient and with a somewhat different less acid flavor of some levains… it was sweet and more rich in taste to say yeasted breads..
    Cheers Tia!


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