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Grape Must Bread

by | Dec 9, 2018 | Bread, Fermentation

Recently I purchased a copy of Italian baker Matteo Festo's Natural Leavening. It's an insightful introduction to Italy's approach to natural sourdough baking. Below are photos of my attempt at one of his formulas using grape must. Along with fabulous Sicilian flourMolini Del ponte Nero, it led to a  great loaf.  

IMG_6436 IMG_6463




  1. Nick

    What did the finished product smell and taste like

  2. Jeremy

    Nick…this was an amazing method, the mosto was really bubbly, sweet and with this flour…pfff…pure Sicily… The crumb was delicious and crust was quite crisp, despite using red grapes…white would of maybe made for a less mauve looking dough? I liked it..


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