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Panettone Elmi

by | Dec 21, 2018 | Baking, levain, Panettone

One panettone method which is a great guide, is that of Francesco Elmi. His video is straight forward and explains the key steps in panettone production. Because really folks I lost track and haven't had the best of luck with panettone of late. Yes, I kvetsch alot about my busy, schedule. But it's really most important to understand, fermentation is the vehicle to a wonderful end product. Yes, there are other reasons your panettone feels like a heavy cake rather then cotton balls studded  with raisins and candied fruits, time and mixing, but fermentation is key.



IMG_7801 IMG_7840 IMG_7843 IMG_7853


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  1. Jerermy

    Grazie Mille!!!


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