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Cutting The White

by | Mar 26, 2019 | Bread, Grains

Cutting white flour from my diet – and doing it cold turkey – can be scary if not tricky. But… yes you can, yes you can, yes I can… Please!  What has made it easy is using alternative baking grains, like kamut, whole wheat, rye and some spelt to fill in. For bagels, besides whole wheat flour I included some emmer and an end bag of Swiss vollkorn flour (whole wheat, rye and spelt). And to my surprise, they rise quite nicely. Key to that, refresh your starter…. Here are some examples.

IMG_9435 IMG_9715


  1. Roz Levine

    I’ve been baking sourdough 100% whole wheat bread (with a rye flour kick) for years now. The secret ingredient for me has been vital wheat gluten – 30 g. My husband bought me a grain mill and I haven’t looked back since. You can do it!

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