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Chocolate Marshmallows

by | Dec 14, 2021 | Chocolate

Visiting my sister in Switzerland, while shopping she introduced me to a local tradition. Actually, she whispered the name as it had started to create controversy for its racism. Basically they are chocolate marshmallows. Chocolate Heads (Mohrenkopf in Switzerland and in Germany) were  originally created in the 19th century. Now they've come under scrutiny for the name. Even the famed chocolatier, Läderach, has stopped selling them at our NYC branch. Their explanation was difficulty in packaging. Names aside, I missed them. So I made some at work. Here are some photos. Honestly, it inspired questions for me, whether we should forget the history that led to names of foods… or just ignore it and keep a questionable tradition? 

IMG_0122 IMG_0124 IMG_0126 IMG_0129


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