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Jacques Mahou (Boulanger) RIP

by | Dec 25, 2021 | Bakers, Bread



Photo Marc Danton

My former bread baking teacher Nick Greco sent an email to inform me of the death of a wonderful baker. Jacques Mahou was an artisianal boulanger from France's Loire region, more specifically the small village of Marray. I wasn't sure how to respond in a way that honors this man adequately. When traditional bakers from a passing era leave us, we lose more than words can describe. The best we have are any documents of their presence when alive. While we lose the gifts they offered us in life, we can treasure what they left behind. Take a look at any videos you can find of Mahou. Lucky we have YouTube. Here's a link to some that feature Mahou sharing great stories. Take a look.



    La famille des boulangers traditionnelles perds un éclaireur, traceur et guide pour ceux qui voulaient respecter la vraie tradition et l’amour du métier.Une perte mais il a tellement souffler son esprit dans plein de cœurs de boulangers qu’il reste nous éclairer!Merci Jacques!!

  2. Magdelaine Mahou

    Grand merci, pour les éloges que vous faites de Jacques.


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