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by | Jan 28, 2022 | Wine

Years ago, I took a week-long wine course at the French Culinary Insitute. Our teacher was master sommelier Roger Dragorn, someone tops in the business of a high class pour. Honestly, me and my fellow students were totally ignorant in our approach to wine, mimicking our way through the requisite swishes, chews, and tastings, often just indulging our thirst rather than sipping the different strains. And only later did I realize the genuine skills of decanting. Well, the other night, it all came home, literally and figuratively. The opportunity came over a gift from my brother, a bottle of McPrice Meyer Paper Street Wine. These red Paso Robles wines can be direct and highly fruity, especially if not allowing that extra step of aerating the wine. Well, my wife reminded me to do so and the results were wonderful, the decanting totally softened this bold textured beauty of the wine. All to say that classroom learning may only yield results years later, but it pays to have a memory and written notes, not to mention a partner who appreciates both. Cheers to my wife, my brother, and all the pleasure possible from the rituals around good wine.  



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