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Bring back to life

by | Jul 8, 2022 | Baking, Bread

Scheduling a time to bake can be precarious as a working chef. There are just so many hours (actually I'd settle for a few more minutes) in a day. Late for work you mix a dough in the morning, but lack the fermenting time before heading out the door. Cold bulk fermentation? It's not a good thing. Because you may well come home a bit late and find the dough fermented but tragically lifeless.

Okay, maybe tragedy is a bit too much describe a failed bake. But would you accept my mood as irritation stretching into sorrow? Whatever, that scenario describes what happened on a recent  mix. I ended up leaving my tired-looking dough to awaken in a cold oven, then fell asleep. The next morning I found my oven entertaining a flaccid mound of  over-proofed dough. What could I  do? I remixed a new dough, incorporating it into the previous batch. Resuscitation and… luck led to a bit of success. From harried to happy! Photos below.

289282935_10160678555019416_2757076892049932932_n 289007399_10160680589274416_8933388804830485681_n


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