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Do you have coriander seeds, or cumin, mustard, caraway, cardamom in bulk? Are you out of store bought four ounce jar melange that cost too much? Or maybe you received a package in the mail like I did from my scavenger friend Tim , who messaged me about moles....

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The recent Goya boycott made me consider alternatives for seasoning of my favorite Latin dishes. Among the ingredients, I thought of annatto, a carotenoid seed commonly used in as a coloring agent or condiment in a whole lot of industrial food products, including...

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Vadouvan is a spice with South Asian origins and French influence (via their colonialism). At work recently, we made our first batch, using roasted cauliflower. Here's how it came out. 

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Years ago, my brother gave me one of the greatest lessons as a chef; encouraging me to constantly practice deciphering and then describing (to myself) what flavors I tasted in any given dish. Not just the taste but the entire sensory experience a spice inspired. From...

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La Boîte

Last Sunday I had the chance to meet the Israeli-born spice expert, Lior Lev Secarz, owner of La Boite, his shop that sells spices and biscuits. Introduced by Gennaro Pecchia, I was invited to come over to Lior's spice lab to watch the final game of the...

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