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by | Mar 31, 2021 | spice

Do you have coriander seeds, or cumin, mustard, caraway, cardamom in bulk? Are you out of store bought four ounce jar melange that cost too much? Or maybe you received a package in the mail like I did from my scavenger friend Tim , who messaged me about moles. All the while telling me about  his mom’s garden in Pennsylvania, which he couldn’t visit due to the pandemic. That special care package I got was a world of chilies, like Aleppo, Espelette and New Mexico varieties along with marinating spice blends. So quite often I meander over to Lior at La Boite  for inspiration, where his recipes can give you hints on mixing and grinding your own spices. Make your own signature sazòn to sprinkle umami flavors on your next dish.



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