Jerusalem Bagel

Four years ago I tried to make a batch of Jerusalem-style bagels. They were far from stellar. The other day, Lior Lev Secarz emailed me a recipe for these bagels on which he swore. He got them from chef Mike Salomonov, author of the restaurant and book known as Zahav....

Summer Bagels

With a package of smoked salmon sitting in my fridge it was time for some bagels.  Here's my small batch!    

Lye Bagels

I have baked lye-dipped bagels before, but my latest batch was exceptional. I am not sure where to credit my success; on-point levain, mixing whole wheat and white flour, or my new refrigerator which was used for retarding at a steady temperature. Regardless, the end...

Central Coast Bagels

My sourdough was quite successful visiting California. I even used it to bake a batch of bagels. Despite legends about the impossibility of great bagels west of the Hudson, I nailed a nice batch to leave for my family. Photos below.

Jerusalem Bagel

Bagels are always  a good thing. The Jerusalem bagel isn't boiled, it's baked. And like the Turkish ka'kak, it can be similarly sprinkled with sesame seeds or zaatar. Oval shaped, they're chewier than traditional bagels. I...