The Key to Great Hydration

One lesson regarding hydration was considering the feel or softness of ones ear Visiting Istanbul’s great baker Gökhan Sokmen, he advised me to gauge hydration by the dough’s softness, equating it with the texture of the touch of an earlobe. I remember him...

Pide Hamuru

It's been years since I first tasted and fell in love with Turkish "pide." These days my menu includes a lamb kebab, as well as a Turkish-inspired eggplant salad (patlican salatasi). So I decided to enhance the dish with some pide. Luckily I just looked...

Pide Sujuçk

Having purchased some local sujuçk for breakfast (with eggs and tomato), I used the leftovers later with my dinner.  Here's the scene in full!

Pide, Egg, Suçuk

Pide can be called Turkish pizza. Here's my sourdough version, enhanced with suçuk from the best producer in Astoria, along with an egg. 


My first Lahmajoon, Armenian style, was eaten in Montreal at Chez Apo. What a simple and delicious treat. Lamacun (or lahmajoon) is something akin to a thin crust meat pizza. It's not puffy like Napoletano, and not a canoe shaped pide. It is comforting and...