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Chef shots

by | Jun 13, 2005 | Chefs

Some of the friends and mentors in the culinary journey I am on,

Jacques Pepin   




Jean Pierre Vuillermet




Sylvain Duvivier




Jake Leatherman




Vicente Vargas, my sous chef






Mike Kobylanski


  1. Michael Kobylanski

    I still feel quite honored to be on your website…my passion for food has not diminished,it is always growing stronger….although my feeling for the “business”has……fallen short thanks to egos,politics or those with huge bank accounts being the dominates in the business.We cannot forget the cooks,however(waiters are treated better) …they have the passion,the soul of the kitchen are they….the ones taken advantage of……and stolen from.If I had the choice to have a meal prepared by an excellent cook than by a famous chef anytime hands down i would pick the cook.Cooks and Chefs are cut from different molds….I have alot more respect for cooks.Thank You.Michael Kobylanski

  2. michael Kobylanski

    just a follow up….we should look to the people,cooks that do what they do out of shear passion…cooking is an art,let’s cut out the hype.


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