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Fulton Fish market

by | Jul 14, 2005 | Food

One hot July evening  I went on a tour of the historic Fulton fish market in New York that will be moving to Hunt’s Point in the Bronx.It was filled with fish and characters rich with stories and memories of a bustling market under the FDR drive! Thanks to the guides and my purveyors at Mazur & Jaffe: Kenny, Bob, Jay and to all you that I can’t remember by name thanks! Especially Bob who talked alot about fish,hormones in food and girls.He let me see the literal underbelly and what goes on in this dark and wet place,”are you really going to wear those sandals around here?”, he asked “yeah sure”, I said looking a little bit unsure at his boots and my Birkenstocks! Thanks  to Kenny for putting up with my constant reminder of my on off  visits, here is a guy who cuts fish and hates to eat it!(I guess it could happen) And to Jay for taking so much crap from the rest of the gang, but most of all thanks to the drivers, Chris and Robert when you are on time!Porgies_3Monkfish_3Cimg0202_4

Loin Fish Market

Fulton Fish Market visit



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