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Stir the Pots focuses on the food biz, especially chefs. Some are famous. Others aren't. What interests us are the tales about this crazy business, whether the folks we interview are responsible for cutting edge cuisine or old fashioned comfort food. Together, we stir the pots, talking about the passions, frustrations, or challenges of chefs and other food professionals.

Here’s what we’re not: a place for lots of tips and recipes. Sometimes Stir the Pots will lead our audience to those things, or simply link to some of the terrific web resources for such precious information. But for the most part, we’re interested in the dramas (comedies, tragedies, and everything in between) that capture life around professional kitchens.


My name is Jeremy Shapiro. I’m a chef. My brother is a chef. My father, who was a painter, met my mother when he was working in a Paris kitchen as a cook (the story is he burned her friend’s green beans, she complained, he responded by inviting her out to the movies). Later he would talk her into marrying him and moving from Paris to America, where she instilled her love of great, simple Southern European cuisine to her uprooted family. But like my brother Philippe, I had my first formal training as a chef here…  

serving in the U.S. Armed Forces. Stationed in Germany as an Army private, I grew to love the North European beer and bread but missed America. So I came back to New York City, where I spent the last 20  years working in top kitchens and studying under a range of culinary masters.

Today I am head chef of a private gentleman's club in New York. It's so private, I can't share the name. What can I share? I serve men who believe they make and break empires. All I know is this: get them near the right desert, and your average power broker has all the resolve of butter. Between my creme brulee and five minutes flirting with our black-eyed hostess, I bet we could transform the greediest politician into a raving saint. Sex and food, I don't know which comes first, or even if they can be separated.

Besides cooking, I love baking. When not managing the crew at work, I come home to my Sunnyside apartment in Queens and run a micro-bakery. Food and cooking are my passions. Bread and baking are my loves.

Jeremy's bread

Anyway, our executive producer, Jonathan Field, is a recovering playwright. He’s also worked in a lot of kitchens, and thinks they’re cocoons of turbulence. Jonathan says it's something about eating being among the most intimate of acts. According to him, such intimacy brings out the best and worst in people, inspiring either lunacy or reverie, depending upon the particulars of the meal. "Try bringing an under-baked piece of salmon to the sweetest old lady. It's a cruel discovery that when it comes to food, your basic senior citizen can throw a tantrum worthy of a two year old. Food erases all boundaries of age when it comes to provoking displays of passion."

Philippe and I have to agree. When you're in the kitchen you see it all. Love boiling over. Hatred chilling in the deep freeze. Or just the nuanced rhythms of craftsmen and artisans working together to create something sweet, delicious or… not. Anyway, in the next few months we will be developing this endeavor. We think we can offer some great stories. Thanks for visiting, and if you have any chefs, restaurants or, yes, even recipes or tips we should know about, please write me here. Thanks for listening.

Chef Jeremy Shapiro
New York


  1. Michael Kobylanski

    This is for Chef Jeremy Shapiro…hey I need your e-mail address…Michael (ps i don’t have your phone number either)ps2 love the website!

  2. Michal Ingber

    Hey Jeremy.
    I tried to send you an e-mail but somehow Couldn’t get your right e-mail address.
    A anyway just wanted to say it was a pleasure working with you and I wish I would have been more helpful.
    Would love to help again in the future.
    Michal Ingber

  3. Debbie

    Hi Jeremy, I just saw your comment about Vincent doing ciabatta on the WildYeast blog. I’d linked to that video on my blog, and thought it was brilliant! I’m going to look at some of his others when I get the time. Cheers!

  4. Sonia F. Bañuelos

    What a great discovery! Thanks for the invite!

  5. Jeremy

    La port et toujour ouverte Sonia, leave lots of comments!

  6. Tina Martinez

    I found you… I love this blog.. Thanks for letting me know.. I feel like a kid in a candy store. So much to read and see.

  7. Shiao-Ping

    Hi Jeremy,
    You have amazing energy around food. I don’t know if I am expressing it right, but I find your stories about food and about people amazing (there I used that word twice). Absolutely love your website.

  8. Jeremy

    Hi Shiao-Ping,
    I actually am trying some of the formulas from your blog this morning, in between getting menus together for work this week,it never ends!
    Happy Baking and thanks for stopping by!

  9. Roz

    Found you via Zeb Bakes and found Zeb via another blog and voila… found you have post on my hero Alan Scott whose oven I plan to build in my other house in Tasmania. Have Dan Lepard’s book and spend a month every year in Paris, eating something every day if possible from Poilane. Life is tuff. Since I cannot be in Paris every day for ever I am going to tackle some of your bread recipes.For the rest of the time I am going to catch up on some of your back posts. Roz from tastetravel and foodfindertasmania.

  10. Anna Johnston

    Hi there Chef Jeremy.
    Came across your blog thru Celia@Fig Jam & Lime Cordial & had to say hi, lovin’ your blog & looking forward to connecting.
    Cheers Anna

  11. Ricky Cunningham

    Hello there you posted a cool bread slider recipe back in 2013 titled buns up. In it you mention using a Japanese bread method to make slider rolls. I wondered if you have the recipe and if so would you mind sharing it? I am in the process of completing my culinary schooling and have to make a dish to serve to 40 guests. I am making a five spice crispy pork belly topped with a kimchi slaw. All I need is a good bread recipe to pull it all together.

  12. Ricky Cunningham

    Sorry that should say you posted a good idea as the recipe was not included.

  13. Jonitin

    Hi Ricky,
    Not everything I post is with a recipe, but I’m sure it will eventually. With my schedule as a chef and passionate baker, it takes time to do all this work. I am working on a book, where this might get into print… Time is effort, work and research!


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