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Ceviche suite

by | Oct 8, 2006 | Recipes

This weekend I went to an art show in Manhattan, it was an afro-latin exhibition, I met some artists and was talking to them of my love of painting;
or lack of any routine or discipline, rather I played up the fact I was too busy with my blog about food and that
I was a chef, some said that could Cimg1463be considered an art and I concurred feeling a bit sad that I didn’t pick Cimg1462up my brush for some years now!
As for cooking, I guess I was inspired this weekend by the colors that reminded me of a certain flavor of Cimg1464_1abundant with color and textures.

Today we decided to have ceviche, like in Guayaquil Ecuador where I have been fortunate to have it for breakfast!

Deciding on who invented or where the dish originated varies, I haven’t been to Peru yet so I will keep my opinion  of who has better style out of this post.When I was in Mexico in the late 80’s I had a great shrimp ceviche on a beach where it was made by fisherman selling it to tourists, fantastic and yet  so different from what I make today and what I have had in Ecuador.This is a pictoral hommage of the dish as I have made it many times at home and even in Ecuador.

ceviche Suite

Platano: (Tostones) with ceviche there are a number of condiments that maybe added to accompany this dish, plantains are peeled,
cut, fried and then smashed in a tostonera or even with the back of a large knife, I have smashed them with my hand too!They are then fried a second time similarily to french fries and then salted!

Cimg1423 Cimg1447







Ceviche de camaron

Peeled and deveined shrimp

are heated to release there moisture over very

low flame till they start to turn a little pink, at that point the shrimp are doused with a little fresh orange juice to stop the cooking and the shrimp liquid becomes milky white.They are then  combined with red onions that were rinsed in cold water, lightly salted and then covered with lime juice, a pickling agent  that finishes  cooking  the shrimp.Cimg1416

The colors and flavors


Gilding the lilly!

Popcorn,avocado and even rice can be served with ceviche, I hear in Peru potatoes are common as well!




Buen Provecho!


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