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The butcher!

by | Nov 11, 2006 | Food

When in need of a bratwurst, a smokey ham, some leberwurst where do I go? I live in Sunnyside and I can’t fly to Schaller Webers on the upper eastside of Manhattan, don’t have to, I have Sunnyside Meat Market!  During the black out in Queens I was in need of some nourishment while baking pretzels in the humid conditions and decided to meander over to my friend Johnny’s butcher shop the European Meat Boutique

to get myself a bratwurst to make currywurst Cimg0624
to go with
brezel and brotchen I cooked up! When I first found the shop some years back when I moved into the neighborhood  and while taking bread classes I would drop off a loaf of bread for his mom, a fair exchange a sausage for a bread, good old fashioned trading! Johnny makes great stuff, recently I tried a lamb prosciutto, and he even custom made some French Saucisson for me with hazelnuts, I lent him a sausage book and he tries new ones to educate his customers palates.When your in the neighborhood go in and try his varied selection of homemade sausages and smoked meats, brings you back to the old country!Cimg1648


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