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Lasagna,my way!

by | Mar 17, 2007 | Recipes

Today is St. Patrick’s day and we are celebrating my wifes birthday with family and friends with what else? Lasagna, a particularly rich and satisfying dish with some history! This being a relatively easy dish, my wife made it easier for me. She bought most of the ingredients so I would just slap it together with some relative ease and minimal clean up!  So leaving me for a few hours until the guests arrived I started off with the most necessary steps and ingredients to this one or two pan meal!
First good tunes on my vast collection.
Music list for Lasagna:
Silvéiro Passoa
Irma Thomas
The Smiths
Howling Wolf
Django Reinhardt
Paul Simon
Orchestra Boabab

Ok then some helping hands!Cimg0510_2

Kika (my ubiquitous cat picture!)

Okay now were ready for the ingredients!Cimg0508_3

This Lasagna I would say is my wifes closest wish in the category of lite!The term used for the latest diet crazed in the world; well I am beholden to her taste, she schlepped all the stuff home from the city and it is her birthday!
So we have in the mix:

2.5lbs ground white turkey
1 large spanish onion diced
2 heads roasted garlic
2 bunches basil chopped roughly
1 bunch Italian parsley chopped roughly
1 Orange sweet pepper diced square
1/4 pound of domestic mushrooms halved and sliced
2lbs ricotta cheese
3 whole eggs
1/4 pound grated Parmigiano cheese
Italian dried herbs(use your taste buds!)
Tomato product(sauce) bought or made at home!
1 lb Mozzarella cheese
2 pounds fresh pasta sheets 
1/4 cup olive oil


1. Brown meat and season with salt and pepper, drain and set aside in bowl.

2. Sweat onions, pepper in oil and season with dried herbs,salt and pepper to taste;add to meat.

3.Sauté  mushrooms with oil till water evaporates and mushrooms start to brown, season with salt and pepper;set aside and cool.

4.Mix ricotta cheese with fresh herbs, eggs and parmigiano cheese;season with salt and pepper to taste.Cimg0516_2Cimg0513_2

5.Start layering by first putting sheets of pasta in the bottom of the pan(roasting pan 15" x12"),then add a thin layer of tomato sauce 1/4" or 1/2′ ,add in some of the cheese mix,meat and pasta.Continue till you have four layers ending the last layer with just Mozzarella,parmigiano and tomato sauce.

6. Bake at 325-350 oven, covered with foil for 20 minutes and uncovered the rest of the time, remove from oven cool, set and cut.


"Tutto alla tavola!"

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  1. azelias kitchen

    now there’s me googling for Giorgio Locatelli’s herb pastry he makes to encase my whole wild seabass and it leads me here! 🙂


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