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Spring is here!

by | Mar 20, 2007 | Seasons

So today I had the task of changing my menu for spring, ever the optimist I started knocking out prep for items and trying to put some dishes together to snap pictures  for some of my less spontaneous crew!

This morning before I left for work I caught the first sign of spring.My cat didn’t, it was a squirrel perched outside my window digging through my planter for hisCimg0548 hidden nuts which someone must of left out during the fall. Peanuts, hmmm… hope he doesn’t have allergies!

The sky had a brilliant sun but ever menacing clouds! Just last week we had a freak snow storm, not unusual but late. After having some really glorious days in the sun
where even some brave souls wore shorts as if it were summer, winter wreaked havoc!


The winter menu was on it’s way out and I bade farewell to my satayCimg0579_2

and brought in a crab avocado concoction my sous chef had thrown at me jokingly reminding me of the 80’s

dishes of yesteryear!
Crabs and avocado sphere with taro and caviar,you wouldn’t believe the "old school" things people love to eat even with all the anti-carb and diet crazes!Cimg0575_2

So I am looking forward to ramps, morels, yeah it’s spring finally but I can’t wait for summer!


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