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Pea ravioli – spring menu

  Above is a plate of spring pea agnolotti, a dish that captures the menu changes of this time of the year. We're well into March, the month when the harshness of winter starts to back down. Each afternoon the sun shines a bit later into the evening. These...

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In the summertime…what’s left of it!

Seems so odd that I was sunning in Aegean just weeks ago. Now returning home, it's fall! Global warming perhaps, or just the sad fact the vacation is over and I am behind the stove again.So last week I spent a couple days at my mom's house in Stamford,...

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Just finished the last lunch at work today, it felt like a three-week marathon! With endless hours of festive holiday parties, V.I.P.S., silly menus and annoying wait staff! I finally can gather my own mind around celebrating, and how do I do that? Cook, what else! I...

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On the 7th day of Christmas….

My true love said to me... stay at home! Whew, ten more days of tedious and repetitious Christmas gluttony! Bah humbug, indeed! This has been the first of many hectic days and nights to come, but we broke record attendance for an annual soiree, with plaudits. I even...

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Lots of cooking to be done! (Bah humbug!)

It's a wonder I have time to write when I have so much work coming up this next month, actually it's been rather busy at work with or without the holiday. So if I start being quiet you can be assured that I am in the trenches cooking and trying to get the next 21...

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