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On the 7th day of Christmas….

by | Dec 7, 2007 | Seasons

My true love said to me… stay at home! Whew, ten more days of tedious and repetitious Christmas gluttony! Bah humbug, indeed! This has been the first of many hectic days and nights to come, but we broke record attendance for an annual soiree, with plaudits. I even had a client come to the kitchen thanking me for the food we make, which makes for a good day for sure!
Of course there are the headaches, fatigue, the occasional annoying waiters, amongst other things, but on the other hand this is not a commercial restaurant where I tend the stove, no this is an enclave for the wealthy. I sometimes look at this sort of my own episode of upstairs downstairs; we have our own cast of strange characters on both floors to deal with! So before I go to bed, I will feed some hungry bread starters, for some baking tomorrow! Meanwhile here are some pictures of food, the kitchen staff at work and play. See you on the rebound!






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