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by | Dec 21, 2007 | Seasons

Just finished the last lunch at work today, it felt like a three-week marathon! With endless hours of festive holiday parties, V.I.P.S., silly menus and annoying wait staff! I finally can gather my own mind around celebrating, and how do I do that? Cook, what else! I thought I would say a few things after folding my two dough’s for my morning brekkie! I can’t wait to have some hand made loaves instead of a bagged loaf of supermarket sponge that my wife has in the fridge,that is a sin.
The thought that it will be Christmas in just a few days hasn’t really sunken in yet either,I guess it’s because I’m too tired. As my eye’s gaze over the rack of red wines I purchased between service at work,it is waiting to be drunk, and they will be!  Tomorrow I will try my hand at some Panettone and then the annual Büche de Noel.(Will do some nice shots of that as well!)
So before heading to bed I wait for my fancy Niçoise style bread to rise and will shoot a picture of it in the morning light as well retard the other wholesome ale imbibed loaf slowly proofing in a basket!

Good cheer and good health to all!

P.S. Gracias Leo for the autographed book by Mario!



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