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Lots of cooking to be done! (Bah humbug!)

by | Nov 29, 2007 | Seasons

It’s a wonder I have time to write when I have so much work coming up this next month, actually it’s been rather busy at work with or without the holiday. So if I start being quiet you can be assured that I am in the trenches cooking and trying to get the next 21 day’s of holiday madness past me! I will try to snap a few pics  maybe of food or whatever if I can get a knife or utensil out of my hand long enough!
Happy holiday’s! (Whatever!)


Cooking for the Bethesda crew!


  1. melissa

    …I know, its really scary all the cooking and baking just waiting for us—Would love to see those pics.! Un abrazo,

  2. Jeremy

    Hola Melissa,
    I am starting with suckling pigs on Tuesday, should be fun, a little chicharron can be tasty! Will bring camera to work for some interesting shots!
    Abrazo tambien!


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