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by | Apr 7, 2007 | Food


This being Holy week for both the Jewish and  Christian faiths and I
being a child of parents of the two religions decided to do my part in
hoping for peace. As with any dream of mine, it usually comes in the
form of sharing food. This dish is from my wifes country of Ecuador
where even there  wars are fought over such things as the ingredients or
how to proceed with the recipe! This particular Fanesca was judged by
the two wickedest critics, my sister in law and my wife, oh well next
year I will
try to make Matzoh!

In these pictures I give an idea that this is truly a Lenten and
native dish of the Andes with some incorporation of the famous bacala
(dried cod).

Some of the ingredients not included in the
photos are peanut butter, achiote, garlic onions etc… I want to get
my sister in-laws version from the familiar town of Zaruma , I have spoken about
in my previous posts on Ecuador! She claims my “gringo self” made a
real Serrano grano style! (Not the right way!)


  1. Delite

    were the hearts of palm fresh or from the jar? if fresh where did you get them?

  2. Jonitin

    Yes they were fresh!I got them from work through my purveyor.Canned are not the same really though you can get a decent one from Ecuador!


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