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Jean-Robert de Cavel

by | May 5, 2007 | Chefs

Jean-Robert de Cavel is Chef and owner of Pigall’s in Cincinnati, but that isn’t his only restaurant nor is it his only job being a chef.

Jean-Robert was my second French chef under my belt ,when I went to work for him at the Plaza Athenée. When I first met him I noticed his shy and very friendly demeanor with his cooks, something wasn’t right, a nice chef? Though my tenure with him was a short two years, he helped me out finding a job when I had left the restaurant I had left his kitchen to work for! He has  always been more than just my chef, I think he is a friend and someone I can look to for advice.

It’s been years since I have actually seen him since he left New York to head west to Cincinnati. I have kept my eyes on his rapid succession of new ventures making him an important Chef not only in his community but also amongst his peers in the culinary world.

He talks about his extensive and interesting career, the climb to the top and some regrets, but never one to cry over spilled milk he is always looking for a new challenge ahead on his radar. Reaching  out to the community that has adopted him through  personal tragedy  as well an  important chef to his role as a businessman trying to revive a town center during race riots. Determined and not giving up he continued building his  dream restaurant, showing the nay sayers that this could be a dream city.

I can definitely say he is probably the nicest chef I have had the pleasure to have worked with and hope to do so again!

Oh yeah, all you all you local farmers, JR says, ” Go and visit your local chef!”

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