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Nha Trang

by | Jul 15, 2007 | Uncategorized

Today was an excruciatingly hot day in the city and after spending several hours watching the Tour de France coverage of the exciting alpine stages! I was finally forced out of my comatose state in front of the boob tube and  found myself heading down town, reminded that it was either shop for food to cook later or have lunch at Nha Trang; I thought the better deal would be lunch in Chinatown!
Ever since I can remember going out to Chinatown with my brother we always ate Vietnamese food. There was my first memory of eating squab with chin jiew sauce; a gourmand friend crunching on the heads of this delicious birds and the wonderful lady who spoke French with my brother at this now long gone gem of a restaurant that unfortunately burned down, known only by it’s sign as #1 restaurant was my first taste and not the last!
From this first exposure  my brother quickly found another local visited only by “locals!” This was the early 80’s when food was still in it’s baby steps on it’s way to becoming a topic of bloggers or hot chefs, aren’t they always hot?
The new restaurant was Pho Pasteur, they had the best chef as far as we could see in the realm of Vietnamese food in New York at that time, as time passed though and my brother went off to live on the west coast there was a change in the kitchen!!The chef had packed her bags along with her husband to open less then a doorstep away to establish there new restaurant, Nha Trang!
87 Baxter is where you will find it just off of Canal Street. Be aware that Sundays are usually full with families, perhaps not as much in summer during beach weather as we found today! Our usual waiter was there, always prodding us to order more but we knew our limit, admittedly I would of asked for frog legs cooked in French butter but I knew barbecued fish would suffice with steamed rice, water spinach and a salad with fried shallots! The menu is extensive and you will find some fabulous tasting soups like pho, or spring rolls that are delicious!

Nha Trang Restaurant

87 Baxter St

New York, NY 10013-4463


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