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Bara in Bethesda

by | Aug 31, 2007 | Travel

I don’t think I have ever mentioned my mate Mick from the bread forum, accept for the fact that I would go to visit Wales for a bread baking trip during my month long vacation to Europe!

This is my story of that wonderful gathering.Bethesdabakin’,named for the town where it took place.Free wheeling, filled with anarchic bread talk,rough rugby types, a dog named Otto, amongst some of the finest people from different corners of the UK, France, the US and one cute rye baker from Denmark!
Well I am only three days back and I am ready to win the 350 million mega lottery tonight so I can  fly back tomorrow, if I were so lucky!

The first time I met Mick amongst other avid home/pro bakers on Dan Lepards site, there was this feeling that somehow I knew this guy for years? We exchanged formulas, he gave me his sound advice on some leaven care and usage; generally I  asked only his opinion on my latest loaf and he would begrudgingly give my ego some much needed patting on the head.
So Mick who had a long thread on Dan’s site relating a project to open a bakery for fellows on the wrong side of the law; that went sour when his former employers who’s need for publicity out weighed the kneads that Mick was giving to this band of men who wanted to learn the fine art of baking bread. Dashed hopes and dreams, Mick rebounded on the shores of  France,(nice life!), There he conjured up a meeting of bakers at his homestead in  Bethesda,Wales.   The previous year I missed a chance to meet Mick for a few pints and some bread talk  while on vacation. So he started putting the idea back on the forum and instilled and recruited some of us with the idea to gather and organize with him an event, sort of a Woodstock of bread baking in Bethesda!
Now that I have attended what I believe will be an annual event, where we shared ideas,laughed and above all enjoyed the company of some really great people. This is my chance to share some images of the goings on, which is now a wiki site that Dan Lepard set up that tells what happened and celebrates this event! Another fellow attendee I had met prior to the event James, had a site for the event set up too, the clock at the bottom of the page reset and is ticking off for next year,be there or be square!!

P.S. thanks to all these fine people

1. Mick

2. Dan Lepard

3. Jeremy

4. James (jlangt)

5. John (Mercurius)

6. Dom

7. Alex (black dog)

8. Kathy (may or may not join in the baking)

9. Ben Johnson

10. Rick Coldman (Moonbake)

11. Stig

12. Nina

13. shooz

14. Jack (sideburns)

15. Adam

16. Nick

17. Bradley Prezant

And to TP, spirits were felt, including the Schnapps!!


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