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Ein pferd ist ein horse of course…unless he is Mr.Ed

by | Sep 16, 2007 | Food

A few years ago I visited my brother on a dude ranch he was working at in Colorado, on that visit I rode western style for the first time, I even met the famous horse whisperer guy too! Fast forward to Paris and I am enjoying a steak with Béarnaise sauce with crisp pommes frite on the banks of the Seine. I notice a sweet taste to the beef and ask the waiter where this beef is from, he grins and tells me its horse! Without feeling a bit guilty I dig in, and am reminded of burgers I used to eat when I was stationed in Germany, they were spiced meat on small brotchen. My friend John would whinny like a horse and call them pony burgers!
So this last vacation I actually ate some horse entrecote at my sisters, my brother in-law loves horsemeat! The day we were returning from a grueling ride from my visit to Maisprach, my brother in-law suggested we pick up some steaks, my only concern was to get over the next hill and into the shower! We made it home and my sister put together a meal that was wonderful, kohlrabi gratin, green beans and pasta, with horse steak smothered with herb butter! What would Mr. Ed say?


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