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llamas and wurstli

by | Sep 16, 2007 | Travel

During my travels in Baselland, we decided on a traditional outdoor Swiss meal, but it’s like a weenie roast, I can’t recall the spelling  it’s brotli or something like that? My sister will box my ears regarding my misspelling, for sure!
Making our way down the road in the family automobile I winced  from my previous days excursion on bike to Maisprach as we passed some hilly country!  My brother in-law suggested we take a short ride around this area, no way! We were headed for a town called Reigoldswil, just a few km’s away, scenic for sure!
Parking the car and disembarking the kids from the family van, we got on a gondola and headed up the side of the mountain adjacent to the town, you could admire the blue skies and even see the Black forest not so far away just yonder! The kids loved showing me the different landmarks, and just below we saw some llamas!!
I snapped away and we walked to a path after choosing not to climb any higher, god if we did I would of croaked from exhaustion!
We staked out a camp fire that was already used and sent the kids and Unkel Jerry to fetch wood for the fire as my sister unpacked some potato chips and readied our wurstli. My Swiss army knife came in quite handy, a must when in Switzerland, you never know what situation you will find yourself, believe me!
The kids climbed up the sides of the hills as I waited below less motivated than usual. The first sticks were shaved and pointed like little spears for the wurst, the rest was parked over the stones and we sparked up the wood, a crackling fire was at work! The various wurstli were impaled on sticks as they turned there skin browned and the smoke hissed when the juices kissed the hot coals. This is my second brotli, the first I have to say was a bit tastier, we had some bier, this outing was simpler, though the wurst were delicious and I didn’t mind stopping by to see the llamas, I called out to them in Spanish, saying, "hola primo!" I should of known they spoke only Swiss German!
Now that we were on the mountain, we had to get down, what else would this family of mine think of, a wanderweg, but on the most challenging Jaeger route! The end of the road led to a local bakery for some gelati, my sister and kids quickly faded as me and Andre piloted our way back home, I was ready for a beer!


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