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Hey look, a boulangerie for rent!

by | Sep 27, 2007 | pictures

One morning on our way to buy some breakfast in the town neighboring our campsite on the shores of Lake Leman, I admired the  boulangeries  breads and assorted pastries in front of us, I asked sheepishly if I could take some pictures, the  owner sort of smiling relented and I got in some bread porn. I grabbed the bags of croissants and pain aux chocolat as we made our way down the cobble stoned streets,the town was so quiet we looked through windows of the closed shops, the boucherie with fabulous sausages and meat neatly arranged,and so clean! I needed to get some of that later I thought, when right in front of me was a shuttered bakery, the for rent sign was staring me in the face! I didn’t hesitate, I snapped a picture and told my sister jokingly to call my Mother and tell her I was setting up shop! Hey you can dream can’t you?


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