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End of my plum!

by | Oct 14, 2007 | Recipes

As you may have guessed I love plums, my sisters orchard is filled with four varieties including those elusive mirabelles,quetsche, and hmmm I don’t remember the others? That must be because there also turned into some fierce schnapps! I made some plum crumble which I shared with you all recently, since I still had a little less than a kilo left and they were getting some botritis just sitting there, I made up a almond sable and filled it up with the very mature fruit! When we were harvesting this summer, my brother in law always has some scary looking blemished samples but says that they in fact are the best, full of concentrated sugar he claims…and you know he is right! Being an American who is used to getting anything at anytime in the global food chain, but not always being the seasonal best, it made me consider letting those little black and purple jewels get a bit more ripe in the cold of my fridge!( Actually I forgot about them and in the nick of time was able to save enough of them for what I find a simple but tasty tart!)

Makes 2 10 inch tart
Sable dough:

160g Cake flour
90g almond flour
50g confectioners sugar
150g butter

In a mixer combine sugar, almond flour,butter and egg till softened.
Add in flour and combine till just mix, refrigerate for 1 hour. Roll out dough in a circle to about a 1/4 thick, place in ring mold cutting off excess.

Finishing tarte:
600g plums

Cut plums in half and remove pits.Place the plums cut side facing in around the tarte shell until it is full.
Bake in a 440 degree oven until the plums look cooked and release there juices, about 35-40 minutes.Sprinkle the top





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