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Henf linseed ficelle

by | Nov 10, 2007 | Bread

100% levain ficelle with linseeds and henf (hemp seeds), sure I admit Nils at his best turned me on.Since my recent rye was a disaster and I dropped some hemp into it I wondered if the poor loaf was effected by this seed?Cimg4514

I was in the mood to make some baguettes and found a recipe on a French baking site, the size of the recipe was for about 20 bags at 380 g, I did some mental arithmetic and reduced the size of the formula and substituted T80 flour with white whole wheat for the poolish, I also used my levain to inoculate it rather than commercial yeast. Ever the lazy baker I didn’t spend time notating just did the feel it and bake it? Que sera,sera?

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  1. Nils

    Excellent! Looks like your feeling did not betray you. I still have to test one of the recipes you’ve sent me, that use hemp flour.


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