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by | Dec 31, 2007 | Food

So it’s New Years Eve, yech! What a stupid gluttonous time, too much drink, puking and a hangover in the morning! Seems like it never ends this holiday festive brouhaha! Enough to make you want to cook a dinner for yourself and sulk over a glass or bottle of red wine! Well then that is what I am doing on this evening, instead of spending it amongst the millions in front of the boob tube or even in that over lit party on Broadway, some say they are using environmentally friendly light bulbs in the lantern!
So this end of the year I tried making a meal for two, roast rack of lamb with an herb and sun dried tomato
Crust, accompanied by some winter root vegetables. Dinner was fabulous, vegetables were so nice and cooked just perfect, lamb pink, ok my dinner partner screeched at the red and asked for some heat to make it medium well, sacre bleu! You just can’t please some people, next faux pas was my putting scallions in the salad of arugula, roast red peppers, pear tomatoes and Parmesan shaved with balsamic vinaigrette! By this point I am livid, next the wine, "too strong!" Finally roasted apples, "not cooked enough, too much butter!",(not to worry, they were deliciously polished off!)  "Go wash the dishes!" That was the straw that broke the camels back I thought? My cigar was too moist and I couldn’t light it!
Next year I am going to the local bar and getting very wet, come home kick the cat and beat the wife, that is my resolution!(Highly unlikely, I have a cute cat and a Latin wife!)

Happy New Year indeed!



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