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Dynamite roll aka Imperial roll or goi cuon

by | Feb 18, 2008 | Recipes

When I go to my favorite Vietmamese restaurant in China town, Nha Trang, I usually order a couple of dynamite rolls,(due to the garlic chive sticking out at the end of the roll!), it’s a name my brother coined and it’s stuck. They are Goi cuon or Imperial rolls which are the more common name or even summer roll. Whatever you call them or fill them with your bound to be satisfied.

Dynamite rolls

You can’t really call this a recipe with lots of measuring, this is sort of free form and hands on, literally and generalized. So make as much mise en place you want or need and just roll with it!

Ingredients: For two hungry people! (make extra for friends and neighbors!)

About a 1/4 lbs. Shrimp, cooked (boiled, perhaps with some lemon grass for flavor as suggested by a fellow blogger!)

A couple of leaves of iceberg lettuce finely chiffonade

1Carrots julienned

1 Small daikon radish julienned

4-5 five leaves each of mint and cilantro leaves

Rice thread noodles, soaked in hot water for ten minutes and drained.I just took a small bunch of threads and cut them in half when I started putting the rolls together!

Rice paper: Two pieces per roll moistened in water and set on a damp towel so they don’t stick

(Sauce is based Loosely on Jaden’s recipe)

Sauce is made with peanut butter, hoisin sauce, garlic, chili garlic sauce and sugar with water to thin out a bit.

Mince garlic cloves 3-4, heat a sauce pan with about 1 tsp oil and lightly saute till golden. Add in a tblsp. of sugar, 1 tblsp of peanut butter, (I had organic of course!) about 5 tblsp of hoisin sauce and 1 tblsp of chili garlic sauce like my favorite brand,Sriracha. Then add about a quarter cup added to thin sauce out, I brought it too a boil and then cooled it in my window sill!


Have a clean kitchen towel spread out, lay two soaked rice paper down and proceed to layer ingredients at the lower end of the circle of rice paper. You can start with whatever you prefer, when finished with ingredients, roll the paper over the ingredients tightly, but careful not to tear! Fold in both sides and continue rolling until finished at the end of the paper. You can cut them in half or just devour them whole!


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