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Prime steak at my house

by | Mar 9, 2008 | Food

Nothing better than some aged meat! Seems like the whole of NY is on a beef eating trip, there are so many steak houses, old and new opening lately! While doing some weekend shopping for food and my birthday by the by, we went to Fairway market to pick up some odds and ends. As we passed the meat department, my wife mentioned we should get something for dinner like steak and she meant she wanted some steak! We looked at the packaged kind with those blood soaked annoying tampon things wrapped in plastic, I was about to tell her no when she said, "hey lets get that juicy one there!",no problem it was a marbled and expensive piece of Prime aged laying out uniformly along with all the other pieces in majestic meatiness. I decided to make a dry spice rub that I sort of based loosely from a fellow blogger the Zen chef, I had already tried his chimichuri recipe for an Argentine steak special at work, it was a sell out! With a nice touch of coarse sea salt I used gave it a sensational crust and the fingerling potatoes and sauted baby spinach instead of the standard old school creamy spinach,no this was a simple meat and potato deal without shoveling out a load of cash for some blackened blue steak sizziling on a greasy plate with a less than interesting crowd, getting milked for every side order and drink! Nope this is take your time and chew and swallow down a good Claret from Coppola vineyards and just go and chill out after with some Anthony Bourdain on tivo for some after dinner entertainment!



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