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Sandor Ellix Katz

by | Mar 28, 2008 | Uncategorized

Organoleptic, that is the word that I had to look up recently in reference to sourdough; it also was the way Sandor Ellix Katz came to be known to me in my last interview with John Downes. I quickly jotted down his name, looked up his web page and started to read about his love of wild fermented food and his food politics. Some of our favorite foods are fermented, cheese, bread, chocolate, coffee, vinegar are just a few and they all benefit our health through the process of preserving food that help us digest food into nutrients and beneficial bacterias.

He is not a Luddite or even a die-hard purist, in fact he’s soft spoken though well versed practitioner of age-old practice fermenting food. Delivering a message that while  people can change their own local community by challenging the food industry’s consumer driven  unhealthy food choices that harm the environment and us. Sandor  describes how we can find alternatives to healthier food and living rather being beholden to our local supermarket chains,(literally!), rather he encourages a proactive solution to healthier sources, like the farmer and even growing our own sustainable gardens.



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  1. JohannaK

    For the moment I’m in the suburb of Denver and I’m amazed how much junk food they sell in the stores here (and everywhere else). It makes me sick! I’m happy I came across this post today. The interview was really inspiring! Now I want summer so I can be in my garden…

  2. Jeremy

    My brother lives in Clark, Co. And I always say once you leave NY, hard to find food…not that we grow it local in NYC!
    Thanks for stopping in Johanna and your support!

  3. Nicole

    Great interview! I’m reading Wild Fermentation at the moment and am getting really excited about expanding my experience with fermentation beyond sourdough!

  4. Jeremy

    Nicole, I am going to go for beer as my next project so I can try spent grain and barm bread, but I have made kimchee from the book when I was in Istanbul with my friend Dilara. My apartment is a bit small, so one project at a time for me.


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