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Like upstairs downstairs!

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There used to be a show on PBS that Alistair Cooke presented called Upstairs Downstairs. When we first got a television my mother had us watch it, I didn’t really get it at the time but now working in a similar situation as a service person I wish I had a copy to watch now so I could compare notes, or maybe Fawlty Towers would be more fitting?

Why Upstairs Downstairs? Private chefs,chefs working in private situations a common connection which led me recently  while surfing the web to a blog called Chefs gone wild. The name was somewhat disconcerting but when I saw some great photos and some fine recipes I kept going back to check to this site for new posts. The back-story is that this chef also works for the rich and famous, a different crowd I work for, not as stiff, but definitely in that realm of Upstairs Downstairs! When I read the authors profile I had to laugh at his wish to do something else rather than cook for rich folks, but with so many scattered ideas it makes it hard to concentrate on what he actually rather do, perhaps a professional eater?

Whatever he decides, I hope it’s related to food, from story to recipe your bound to find something that will fulfill either your hunger pangs or make you laugh aloud or even gawk at the fabulous food offerings. The other day it was a recipe I haven’t had the nerve to try yet, Gateau Basque. It’s filled with cherry compote and or pastry cream with a double-layered dough. My brothers former boss Pascal Rigo has a version in his book, but what intrigued me was the dough is yeasted and the fashion in which this particular version was acquired was really funny; talking about stealing with your eyes and ears as a prominent chef once counseled me!
So if you like the often quirky feel to a food blog go and check it out, and definitely try the recipes, because let me tell you I steal with my eyes and ears!



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