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David Aplin

by | May 4, 2008 | Micro bakery

Though I haven’t yet met David Aplin, what connects us is the mutual devotion to baking bread. He and his wife  Camelia are bakers in Toronto whose micro bakery stands in their backyard. Once a month they stoke wood in the stone oven that David and his brother built and bake batches of bread. Their core customer base is increasing, helped by publicity from  local radio.

The blog Cliffsidebakery is a testament to the intrepid nature of their venture. David works all day baking at his job in a grocery store, then returns home to do the same thing. It sort of reminds me of my own obsession with food and baking. Needless to say, in our interview we talk about bread; the lack of rye bread on bakers shelves and how to promote this wonderful grain, how he managed to cross into Canada with some levain from Jeffrey Hamelman’s class in Vermont, and even a story about Iggy Pop our mutual idol.


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  1. Susan

    Great interview! David’s breads and oven are amazing. I hope he will seriously consider letting his fellow baker/bloggers descend upon him for a weekend!

  2. Jeremy

    Ditto on that, David is really a great inspiration as you are Susan, I pray in both your general directions, well I don’t really but I worship at both your blogs!
    David can you imagine a bread in?

  3. Mac

    Gee…I can hear someone washing the dishes in the background while the interview is going on. I hope David didn’t mind someone washing the dishes while the interview was going on?

  4. Jeremy

    Actually the dish washing was on my side ( we had just finished dinner when I called David on a whim.) and I want to apologize, the interview was really on the spur of the moment and more a conversation that fell into an interview, sometimes the best things are realized even with some background noise.

  5. Jonathan

    No need for apologies, Jeremey. Mac, Jeremy does what he does out of passion. Like most chefs, he works his butt off. He’s doing these interviews in the few bits of downtime he gets, catching other busy food pros when he can and when they have downtime to give him. If the sounds of an actual kitchen upsets you, nobody will be upset if you click on out of the kitchen. Jeremy, great interview with a really cool guy.


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