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Dilara Erbay

by | Jun 16, 2008 | Chefs


Istanbul (or Constantinople)  has rich layers of history where the  food is central to life in this metropolis. Yet in the United States, not much is really familiar about Turkish food, except maybe shish kebabs or baklava. One person changing that is Dilara Erbay of Dilara Sabra Cadabra. Check out her wonderful site!

Erbay is a chef and artist who I literally just discovered online via Momondo, while surfing for information on the similarly terrific chef Mehmet Gürs, interviewed here last week. My curiosity piqued by Erbay's ideas and charisma, I dispatched an e-mail to her asking her for an interview. Voila, the speed of the internet, the generosity of Turkish chefs. She quickly accepted. This week I finally called her and I am already invited to visit her restaurant in August.

Dilara reminds me of a Frida Kahlo of Turkish food; she is the real thing and  expresses herself quite eloquently on all subject's food and more. My favorite statement of hers is. "Art is anything!"

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