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I just came from looking at my friend Nina’s blog. She is a Bethesdabakin alum who showed us a thing or two about this craft. Her site is in Danish, but I am hoping she will have some translation in English soon. Still, I just noticed it’s up and running  and  wanted to give a shout out to her. Nina is trying to spread the word in Denmark about good bread, something she described as a lost tradition. Therefore she bakes at home in pursuit of an honest hand made loaf. She has some unforgettable rye breads that would just go great with almost anything or plain. As we say in New York, "it’s to die for."

Way to go Nina, just don’t forget the  English version! (Send us a recipe to post!)


  1. Nina

    You noticed my update! 😀 I still have a long way to go till the site is finished though. So many ideas for content and so little time…
    As for a translation… look at it as a chance to brush up on your Danish 😉
    (I promise, when I get around to doing something about rye on the site, I’ll translate it – just for you)

  2. Nils

    Nina’s bread blog is a very good “excuse” for learning Danish, I agree. Last time I was in Denmark years ago I was amazed by the pastries and jam. So flavorful and so sweet. They still have a lot of that plain good no-nonsense food going on, I think.

  3. Jeremyj

    Hey Nina and Nils,
    Nina, I will try to decipher the Danish as best I can, but your recipes on Dan’s Wiki of Bethesda are no longer up! Could we ask you to contribute something for stir the pots?
    Any bread hand made with care and attention is good bread, Nina’s bread is such a bread!

  4. Nina

    Alright alright, I promise I’ll post that rye recipe 😛
    But you’ve got to give me time for testing it again, as I wasn’t completely satisfied with it last time around. I’ll fire up the old rye starter this weekend to make a special edition Stir The Pots rye loaf 😉

  5. Jeremy

    Way to go Nina!


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