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15 minutes of fame, in Istanbul

by | Sep 26, 2008 | Istanbul



I forgot to thank Ahmet Buğdaycı and the reporter Selin Özvaci for making me feel like a food celebrity, giving me my 15 minutes of fame, with an unexpected article highlighting my visit cooking with Dilara. Glory added to the surprise and delight in the five day life highlight of my trip to Istanbul.

Thanks again and can’t wait to get back to Dilara (with her family and friends) soon!



  1. Nils

    Any chance of a translation? Looks like a great article on you.

  2. Jeremy

    I’m going to see if I can get my friend at my local Turkish store if he could? Basically it’s says I did a exchange of cultural cooking at my friend Dilara’s restaurant etc….

  3. Steamy Kitchen

    Hey! How are you? Congrats on the article, even though I can’t read it I’m sure it says many many nice things about you.

  4. Jeremyj

    Hi! Yeah it’s sort of a interview explaining my short stay with Dilara Erbay and what sort of food I made while in Istanbul, it was great, shoot I could go back!


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