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Vincent sur la four

by | Nov 15, 2008 | Uncategorized

Ever wonder about some of a bakers back-breaking, monotonous, repetitive functions, not just in front of the  stove but even while  all the rest of us are in bed with our eyes in the back of our heads darting to and fro in REM?

That’s me. End of my day and can’t stop the end-of-the-shift pictures flooding through my brain. That’s also your typical professional baker. Like my amigo Vincent. The "in-it" baker. As totally "in it!" It being the flour, the yeast, the heat, the expectations of a perfect bake. In all likeliness, right now Vincent is somewhere in the South of France probably whacking out huge amounts of crusty bread. Me I’m just a chef after the day is done sipping beer, ready for bed, imagining all the chefs around the world cooking up a storm, and all the bakers making dough! 

Salut mon ami, Vincent! Take a look as he makes his bread!


  1. Jude

    Nice video… The speed at which he scores those baguettes is really something.

  2. Nils

    Wow, that oven looks wild. Looks like it’s standing in the center of the room and was built around a circulatiung platform. And the breads look fabulous!

  3. vincent

    Hey Jeremy, thanks for putting the video on your blog! I’m gonna be a super star soon 😉
    This video is from when I was still in London, unfortunately where I work now I can’t make pics or videos, but hopefully I’ll get a better job soon 😉
    Take it easy!

  4. Jeremy

    Your an inspiration to all of us budding home bakers who love any sort of bread porn!
    Hopefully your next Boulangerie will allow some pics and peeks?


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